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The free online gaming magazine will help you to uncover the hidden treasures on the internet. Online games are everywhere nowadays. What's missing is a resource that can bring you into contact with the games that truly deserve your attention! The creators of the magazine will devote their time to research on an unprecedented scale. Their findings may collide with marketing campaigns that are known for popularizing games of questionable quality. You'll get the real scoop on new releases as well as time-tested classics. You'll also learn about the games that are currently being developed and their potential impact on the world of online gaming. One thing is certain: You can expect fairness and honesty from our writers. Truth-telling is a priority here.

Making Wise Choices

We're going to show you some incredible entertainment. However, we can only provide you with guidance. You're the person who's going to sign-up for a game. We can only give you the pros and cons. An element of subjectivity is unavoidable. But we're convinced that our expertise can help you make the decision as to where to land. Our coverage is quite comprehensive. In fact, the major online game categories are covered in detail. This would include: Table Games, Video Games, PC Games and OS Games. We will also share our insights into popular mobile app games, being the most popular gaming choice today. Discover today the best mobile apps for playing online games for fun and real money.

Exploring Table Games

The term 'table game' is used to highlight a particular set of games (Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and others) that are played on table with a croupier, poker dealer, or a live dealer. If you're largely unfamiliar with such games, you may need a bit of time to learn the rules and strategies. After all, the games are not self explanatory like Slot Machines. The nice thing is that the rewards of playing such games are more than sufficient to compensate for the brief learning time commitment! A Game Mag can help you discover some fantastic titles in that category! (Top Table Games: Live Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Premier Blackjack) And if you are worried about using your credit card, you don't even need to deposit to start playing. You can get a no deposit bonus from Roulette-Gratuite that will allow you to try and practice real money roulette, blackjack or slots games for free without the risk of losing money.

Exploring Video Games

Social game-play has really made a difference in the lives of millions of players from around the world. The connectivity possibilities are now endless! With the internet, it became available for people from any part of the world to play together. That is how Esport started to become popular so nowadays there are tournaments with millions in prizes. And not just that, now it's possible to bet on Esport for real money in online casinos just like any other sport! In the past, the video games could be accessed in arcades. Later, the games were sold on store shelves. These days, the gaming on demand technology (cloud technology) has taken over. The games using this technology utilize cloud hosting. In fact, you don't even need a traditional game console in order to access the games. (Top Video Games: Pony Island, Amplitude, The Witness)

Exploring PC Games

There is still a great demand for PC games. It's always fun to play games on a large monitor screen. A resurgence of this game type is taking place across the world. PC users frequently get the nicest versions of console games. They can also choose from the widest possible game offer. This offer would include; indie games, experimental games, classic games, complex strategy games, etc. The free online magazine can show you what's appropriate for installation. It keeps a pulse on PC game releases, so that you can access the finest titles. (Top PC Games: Adventures of Pip, Batman: Arkham City, Freedom Planet)

Exploring OS Games

If you're a Mac user, you won't be disappointed with our magazine due to the lack of coverage. We're going to unveil some superb games that you can play in your free time. In this category, you can find the following; RPG's, sports sims, puzzles, action games, adventures and a whole lot more! There is a popular myth concerning the lack of good titles for Mac. We're going to dispel the myth by showcasing a wide variety of tremendously entertaining titles that can be played by macOS fans. (Top Mac Games: Hyper Light Drifter, Ark: Survival Evolved, Total War: Warhammer)

Subscribing To Our Magazine

If you're the kind of person who needs knowledge and insight before spending time and money on a game, you've come to the right place. A Game Mag team is ready to assist you with up-to-date coverage of the online gaming industry!