Work for A Game Mag

A Game Mag, one of the most prestigious online magazine for your gaming endeavors, is in need of improving its work force and is currently looking for writers that has incredible passion and outstanding viewpoint of games - whether it's games that can be played through personal computers, laptops, consoles or even mobile devices, regardless of what operating system they use. Of course, passion for gaming is just not what you need - you also need to have what it takes to assume the position of an exceptional video game writer that will capture and engross users with your writing.

We're looking for a writer that comes with varieties of qualifications and if you successfully meet them, then you're in for some superb career that will surely help you improve in every aspect you can think of. One of the characteristics that are group is looking for in a video game writer aside from passion is fun. Passion comes with fun and you have to show that in your writing. It is empirical that your write-ups don't end up boring, but it should still pose important matters about the game that will help users understand a specific game better.

The flexibility and versatility of a video game writer is also very important. If you want to work for us, you'll have to be knowledgeable about different forms of writing and though it is preferable that you stem from creative and fictional writing, you should also have top knowledge in writing even formal write-ups like news and such. You'll need to have a wide range of vocabulary that will help you explain games in a more flamboyant way, but will still be in the levels that our readers will understand.

Also, even though it isn't required, it will also be really helpful if you have a little bit of knowledge about game developing itself. This will allow you to explain games better in a systematical way which may intrigue and capture the attention of the readers and certain points or in certain topics. This further implicates that the more knowledge you have about things related to games, the more you'll be fit to work for us.

We're looking for writers with this following qualifications and if there are some that we have missed, but you know you have that will surely be helpful in writing, then it's definitely better. Come