Mac OS Games

Gone are those days when MAC users have no rebuttal when Windows-based Computer Gamers mock their specifications that just can't handle high-definition games as great as other Windows Computers. The concept that the MAC operating system can't handle games like Deux Ex are long gone and now, the library of games available for the aforementioned system are overflowing. Though that's an advantage, the fact that they cost money still means that you'll have to be intricate in choosing what game to pour your money on. Fortunately, you're at the right spot as here, you'll be introduced to some of the best MAC OS Games that you'll ever have on your rig.

Punish and defeat villains of Arkham City as you assume the character of Batman in Batman: Arkham City in its ever-so glorious, 'Game of the Year' Edition. This character has experienced a serious boom in the movie industry and with it, its unstoppable fame in the gaming section as well. There are many aspects where you'll definitely be captivated by this game and its outstanding and superfluous combat system that will excite you with its combos and consecutive whooping of villains is just one of them. There's also the cinematic scenes, superb graphics and audio, and the appearance of iconic villains such as Riddler, Joker and more.

If you're a gamer, there's also no doubt that you've heard of Bioshock as well. This renowned game has made a mark in the gaming industry when it arrived on the shelves as it took you to a mysterious and thrilling adventure under the sea. Now, one of the best MAC OS Games today comes from its sequel, the Bioshock Infinite. This version will allow you to assume the position of Booker DeWitt as it takes you to another thriller adventure on top of a pristine and breathtaking flying city. Immerse and engross yourself with the incredible setup, gameplay and plotline served by this game which you can now play on your MAC device.

Star Wars is also a title that anyone would have surely heard about already and MAC players can now play the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on their device. This epic 3D game will take you to the boundless galaxy with a character that you could actually customize at the start. It may not be the most advanced today, but it will surely bring you enjoyment that you'll come back to over and over again. With these games plus other excellent ones on the app store, it is apparent that the best MAC OS Games will not pale in comparison with other PC games.