PC Android Games

No matter if you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or not, you surely already had times where you just got immersed with an android game to the point where you want to play it anywhere. From simple arcade games, mobile games have truly improved and evolved to new heights and now, there are even tons of games from PC turned into android games that will help you enjoy more immersive games at the palm of your hands. Anyone of us is looking for that great pastime game and the best PC Android games will surely do the trick.

Though the Grand Theft Auto Vice City may not be the most awe-inspiring game in our modern age, it is still one of the most entertaining games even today with a satisfying graphic and overall gameplay that you'll surely go back to over and over again. Not to mention, it has also signaled the great change for the gaming industry which has turned it for the better. This epic and outstanding game has already been ported to Android and IOS and is now considered to be one of the best PC Android games today. Of course, other more advanced versions of GTA has also followed suit and arrived in the mobile world, making it even more exciting.

Half-life is also one of the most revolutionary games that contributed a lot to the industry as a whole. Its successor, the Half-Life 2 has become even more phenomenal as it comes with an improved gameplay, graphics and audio paired up with a sci-fi combination that will pin you with the alien race. This first-person shooting game is undeniably an addictive and immersive game and with it ported on Android and IOS Devices, it is no surprise that it has also gained critical acclaims to players and gamers across the globe.

If you have been playing games or have been a gamer for as long as you remember, then you may have surely heard of SoulCalibur already. This 3D Fighting-game has already inserted itself in the classics back when it was still installed on arcades and has further spread its fame when it was taken to consoles and other platforms. Now, you can even play it through your mobile device, allowing anyone to have a nostalgic and exciting gaming experience wherever you are. The best PC android games today are still evolving and we can be sure that there'll be more to come in the upcoming years.